Recomend any good Wonder Woman stories?
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Recommend any good Wonder Woman graphic novels/storylines?

A female friend (who was a huge Buffy fan) has recently discovered Wonder Woman.

So far, she's only watched the animated feature (which seems to at least given her an origin storyline and some background to build on) and picked up a few random issues -which she was unimpressed with.

She came to me as her comics-reading friend, but I've never really followed Wonder Woman much. I did give her my copy of the Hiketeia graphic novel (WW trapped between a ritual obligation and well, Batman), which she's reading now.

Can anyone recommend any good Wonder Woman stories for me to get her (birthday coming up) or recommend to her? Graphic novels or trade paperbacks preferred, but if there is a great storyline, I'm sure I could track down some back issues.

Looking for comics/novels/print; no Wonder Woman lunchboxes, jewelry, outfits, etc. Just stuff to read.

P.S. Since when can she fly on her own?
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I'd recommend the 4 volumes reprinting the George Perez run. This established the modern post-Crisis Wonder Woman (in which she's always been able to fly), and I also consider it one of the best runs on a superhero series. It almost entirely avoids typical supervillains; the conflicts arise from the series' premises and Wonder Woman's role as Amazon ambassador to the outside world.
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I love this version, a graphic novel written by Jodi Picoult.
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She plays a pretty big role in The New Frontier, which is an ensemble piece, but it's very good and an easy introduction into the larger Justice League context. That said, WW doesn't really have any great stories in the way Batman has with Dark Knight Returns and Year One and Superman has with All Star Superman or Secret Identity. Frankly, most of her best characterization comes through the Justice League, both the modern comics version (starting with the excellent Grant Morrison run) and the superlative Dini/Timm animated series.
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If she likes Hiketeia, perhaps she'll like some other Greg Rucka penned Wonder Woman books. Say, Eyes of the Gorgon, or Land of the Dead? Gail Simone's current run is pretty damn good. Here's a few of the first trades.
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Matt Wagner's Trinity series isn't entirely about Diana, but has some good character moments for her alongside Bats and Supes. It's out as a TPB. (It is not the vastly less-interesting current DC series Trinity, and if you like Wagner's version, Busiek's will make you sad.)
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Jodi Picoult had a short run on Wonder Woman that I liked.

If your friend wants to venture further into the world of comics, and is a Buffy fan, you should also recommend the Joss Whedon/Brian K. Vaughan/Drew Goddard run of Buffy Season 8 comics

Joss has also written a run on the Astonishing X-Men that doesn't require too much previous history with the overwhelmingly enormous X-Men canon.

And, of course, Neil Gaiman's Sandman series is a classic with a ton of crossover potential for any Buffy fan.
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Thanks to everyone!! (Sad that I can't best answer them all!)
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A League of One. Gorgeous art and a kick-ass story.

Seconding The New Frontier, Grant Morrison's run on JLA (Golden Perfect is pretty good) but most especially the Timm/Dini series. Maybe Trinity for a look on how she came to meet the Big Two of DC, Superman and Batman (her voice in this book is spot-on and there's some lovely art to be had, even though it's not technically a *Wonder Woman* book as such, I'd recommend it.)

*sighs* And... that's it, really. For such an amazing character, it's appaling how little she has by way of iconic books/film.
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