Printmaking in picture books?
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Help find me examples of printmaking in children's book illustrations!

I'm looking for as many examples as possible of children's book illustrators, or individual picture books, that use printmaking techniques. Individual examples are very very welcome; I'd also be curious if there are any resources out there that compile this type of information.

Examples of woodcut prints in particular would be fantastic, but I'm not picky. Books that feature illustrations of this type but aren't picture books are also good as long as they are kid-appropriate.

I've already put in a call to my librarian, but this is a last-minute project and I'd love as many sources of input as possible.

Thank you!!
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Best answer: We have (and like) The Song of Francis and the Animals, by Pat Mora; Woodcuts by David Frampton.

You also might find an Amazon search of "Woodcuts by David Frampton" to be useful.
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Der. Sorry for not escaping that second link.
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I'm thinking there's got to be something usable at Today's Inspiration...I'm going to take a look through the author's Flickr site looking for relevant scans.
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On the Farm, illustrated by Holly Meade

Sea Horse and This Little Chick, both illustrated by John Lawrence

The Bearskinner, illustrated by Max Grafe
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Oh, yes... and Mary Azarian uses woodcuts.
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Aesops Fables by Boris Artzybasheff

Tales from Silver Lands by Charles J. Finger and Paul Honore

Once a Mouse...
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Hardcover book cover printed (silkscreened?) with illustrations.

I am terrible at ID'ing printing techniques (I have been all IS THAT WOODCUT? WHO KNOWS for an hour here) but elements of this illustration are obviously stenciled/stamped.

Two scans from the book One Thousand Quaint Cuts, which likely would have one thousand examples of what you need.
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Snowflake Bentley
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Best answer: "Teeth, Tales & Tentacles" and "Wings, Horns & Claws" by Christopher Wormell.
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Once a Mouse, by Marcia Brown

full page

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all of the wizard of oz books have amazing illustrations with serious art nouveau flair.
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