Where to get Toys in Manchester NH?
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Where's a toy store in Manchester New Hampshire with good selection?

I'm in Manchester NH and have been tasked to find some toys from my 3 yo. Where's a good toy store in Manchester?
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Response by poster: err that's "for my 3 yo". Tad tired from all this traveling and conferencing and whatnot. :)
posted by libertaduno at 6:28 AM on March 9, 2009

Toys R Us and WalMart probably sell 50% of the toys in the US. You've got to have at least one of them in Manchester.
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Yep, there's a a Toys R Us off of South Willow. The Mall of New Hampshire is next door and might have a few shops as well.
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Call to make sure they're still there, but Creative Toy Outlet is (was?) right across from the Mall of New Hampshire and was, years ago when I was last there, an excellent little toy store.
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NiNi Bambini is awesome and it's a pretty natural store. No obnoxious noisemaker toys that keep your child from having independent thought.

Tiny Tot Land is a great store, I really like it. Everything from furniture to toys.
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There's a Walmart near the Mall of New Hampshire as well; it's right down the road from the Toys-R-Us. There's also a few toy stores in the mall, see the directory.
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