How can I get Google Analytics to provide a by-visitor report like Sitemeter does?
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How can I get Google Analytics to act like Sitemeter?

Specifically, Sitemeter does a nice roundup of information under "Recent Visitors - By Details." It shows a chronological list of recent visitors to my blog, with domain name, visit time and page views. Clicking on the number in front of each listing takes you to a page about that visit which shows their ISP, referring URL, keywords they searched for, outclick page and more.

I really like this view of the data and I can't figure out how to get Google Analytics (which I must use for my portfolio site) to show me the same data. I can see the "All Traffic Sources" info which does show the number of visits from specific sources, and I see the "Keywords" area which shows what people searched for, but I don't see how to get the same list Sitemeter shows: who was there, when, from where, looking for what, and for how long.

Google Analytics is so crazy complex that I'm sure there must be a way, though, and I'm sure there are several people here on AskMeFi who can tell me how. And for that, I thank you in advance.
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I was just reading the terms of service for Analytics last night. I don't think they want you to be able to drill down to the level of an individual user for privacy reasons.
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Take a look at Custom Reporting Beta (on the left-hand menu).
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Response by poster: Thanks; I did look at the custom reporting but can't quite see how to make it do what I described above. Maybe it will just take more intensive study.
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