Could my kitty have cancer?
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My elderly, FIV-positive cat has a strange black bump on his neck. I can't find anything similar online and the vet dismissed it as a blackhead about six months ago, but it got bigger.

It is a raised round bump with the consistency of a scab and does not seem itchy or painful. Its edges are clearly defined and it is about the size of the head of a pin. It started as a small black spot about the size of a large blackhead and the black substance seemed to flake away like dirt. It could not be squeezed out or picked off. Now it almost feels like a mole and it seems like it has a root part under the skin too. I'm scared that it may be cancer. I do plan on taking him to the vet, and I know YANAV -- or maybe some of you are. I just want to know if anyone else has ever experienced this and what it might be so I go to the vet informed.
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I have no advice on what it could be, but might I suggest taking him to a different vet?
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I am not a vet, but sometimes cats can form lumps filled with blood due to abscesses or trauma called hematomas, and people commonly confuse these with tumors. I would suggest having a vet do an biopsy on the growth. It's better to be overly cautious when dealing with your pet's health, especially since your cat is FIV-positive.
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Could it possibly be a wart? (Do cats get warts?)
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My cat has black flaky stuff underneath his chin, which the vet diagnosed as cat acne. Your thing sounds different, but the black flaky stuff sounds familiar. It really might be a blackhead. But, for your peace of mind, you should probs go to the vet anyway.
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