Any good restaurants in Vancouver, BC with a good port wine selection?
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Any good restaurants in Vancouver, BC with a good port wine selection? Downtown area is preferred.
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Cin Cin has a pretty comprehensive wine list and I know they have Penfold's Grandfather Port on the list (or did when I was last there).

However, wine is very expensive there. Dunno if it is the snobby-restaurant tax or just a we-tax-wine-a-lot-in-Canada-tax.
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I also like this place.
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The restaurant in the Wedgewood Hotel, Bacchus, has about 10 of them. Here's their wine list. Cin Cin is good too.

Cioppino's in Yaletown has an extensive wine list - maybe call to ask about port, or email to see if they have a list. Chambard, Glowbal, Diva at the Met and Goldfish Kitchen each have about 5-10. I'd bet Bin 941 has a good list, and the food is great, but it's loud and busy.

Vancouver Magazine has a pretty decent restaurant search and review.
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Oh yeah, in Yale Town I remember Provence as having very good food and a really decent wine list.
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Lumiere will probably have a good port list too. The food and staff at the Pear Tree in Burnaby are out of this world at that price point, intimacy and lack of pretension. Their wine list isn't online but call them up - they're fantastically nice and the food is worth a trip.
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Dunno if it is the snobby-restaurant tax or just a we-tax-wine-a-lot-in-Canada-tax

Tax on wine is greater here in BC than many places, but the main expense is the restaurant's mark up. Cin Cin is a top tier restaurant, but even mid range restaurants mark up 200-300%
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If you're looking for edgy, or at least the appearance of edginess, try Salt.
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Gotham has a decent selection of ports from what I remember. And the food is great.

I remember Cardero's having an alright selection, and I love the food and location.

I thought Hy's steakhouse had a few choices as well.

I don't remember the list from Hamilton Street Grill, but I'm pretty sure it was a good selection.

A few other places with an ok selection: Kettle of Fish, Joe Fortes.

And the liquor taxes in BC are insane, so yes, wine looks like it's absurdly expensive.
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