Facebook + Organization Page + Import blog
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Facebook + Organization Page + Import blog. Is it possible?

So I built a fancy Wordpress-based site for a local non-profit and I want to give them a Facebook presence as well. I created a page for them on Facebook which is what you're supposed to do for organizations or businesses. Now how do I import their blog into the page? I saw this previous AskMe, but that doesn't seem to apply to organization pages, at least I can't find an Import Blog option. Is there a way to do this? I was hoping they wouldn't have to even log into Facebook - just updating their blog would trigger an update on Facebook.
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Best answer: Go back to edit the page. Click to edit notes. There should be a box floating to the right that is titled Notes Settings. It should have a link asking if you want to import a blog.

I don't know how long it has been there. They most released some updates to Pages on Wednesday. It may have been added then.
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You can also use an app called RSS Connect, which I use on my organization's page. We have imported multiple blogs using that.
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