How to tie a shoe
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I am only familiar with the standard way of tying shoes (along with an optional double knot). Are there any other ways?

I'm more interested in different knots rather than different ways to achieve the same knot.
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Sure there are.
Ian's Shoelace Site
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The Ian Knot is fantastic after you take some time to learn it.
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Nthing Ian's Shoelace Site. Definitely the best shoelace tying method resource on the Internet.
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My way is the two-loops method, not the one-loop like your video shows it.

This is because, back in kindergarten, I was taught to do it this way when I could not do it the one-way kind. Everyone else could pull it off. It's been a formative experience for me to say the least.
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The Ian knot is fun to tie, but it's really just the same standard bow everyone seems to have learned as a child. Once you learn the Surgeon's Shoelace Knot you'll never go back, and your laces will never untie themselves again.
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Hmm, I didn't realize there was even a different way to tie shoelaces besides the Ian knot. I thought everyone tied their shoelaces that way as that's how I was taught to do it as a kid. This one-sided method is news to me!
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I taught myself how to tie bows/laces using the two loop method as well. The one sided way seems flimsier to me for some reason.
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I know how to do the Ian Knot - it's faster but it doesn't stay tied as tight.
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I never tie any of my street shoes, I just like slipping them on. This usually only works with good fitting sneakers but I tighten them to the point that's comfortable but still lose enough to slip on and than tie a knot outside each eyelet(hole thing, IDK) and cut off the excess string.
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When I was an undergrad I learned to do a double-wrap shoelace knot. (Easy - send the rabbit around the tree twice before pulling the loop through the hole.) It's incredibly simple yet since I started doing it I have not ever had to re-tie a shoelace. It takes only seconds to do, is easy to describe to anyone familiar with the standard bow knot even sans pictures, and more importantly is not any more difficult than a standard bow knot when it comes time to untie the thing. Grab a free end and pull, done. This knot has been my friend for at least 15 years now.

At one point someone saw me tie my shoes like that and asked if I was in the military. I was not, never have been. But there's a chance some branch of the military somewhere teaches people to tie their shoelaces like that, and I stumbled upon it by accident.
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Surgeon's Shoelace Knot == double-wrap shoelace knot. This is definitely the way to go.
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I go with the Secure Knot variation. I tie my shoes like this, my kid's shoes like this, etc and I can't remember the last time I had a shoe go untied on me.
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Yup, seconding the double wrap (surgeon's) knot. It works really well on those hard round laces on men's dress shoes, which come undone about .2 seconds after you stand up from re-tying them again for the 25th time with a standard knot. Also great on all other laces of course. Easier to undo than a double knot too!
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Secure Knot variation == Surgeon's == double-wrap.
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The Secure Knot was taught to me as the "nanny knot," because it never comes untied, even with the most active kids. I taught it to my elderly mother also, because she is worried about her shoes coming untied and her tripping. Definitely worth learning and making a habit of using.
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