Transformers reference pics wanted, thanks.
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I want to paint the miniatures in a Transformers boardgame as a gift for a friend. Can people please point me to reference images for the models in this pic? The more, the merrier. TIA.
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Best answer: Man, I loved the Transformers as a kid (and hell, I still do) but I'll be damned if I recognized any of the Transformers in that image.

If you've got their names though, you can look them up on the TF Wiki.
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They look like oldschool transformers. If so, then scans of catalogs should do the trick.
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Response by poster: Clarification: Most of the transformers in that pic have several variants. I'm uber-old school myself and don't readily recognise these specific models either. I was hoping to avoid having to traul through lots of reference stuff in the hope of finding good pics of the right versions.
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Response by poster: Bonus clarification: I'm after art references, not photos of physical models. Physical models are not painted with the amount of detail I'm after.
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BTW, those are either bad models (lots of "artistic license"), or they're a different brand of robot-men that have been painted with transformer color schemes. My guess is the former. Eg, I'm thinking that the one with the pincers above its head is supposed to be Shrapnel
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And as you were probably suspecting, the second from left, at top, is definitely supposed to be Optimus Prime (the color scheme is very distinctive), but bears little resemblance.
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Response by poster: They are, left to right, top to bottom; Hot Shot, Optimus Prime (obviously), Megatron (in that stupid tank form), Demolisher, Smokescreen, Red Alert, Starscream & Cyclonus.
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Response by poster: I've been browsing the TF wiki and it looks like they're all based on the models from the Armada animated series and to a lesser extent the Armada comics.

I'd still be really grateful if people can point me to any good reference pics.
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A handful here (check the links on the left) but they might be the same as those found on the wiki. But I'm glad I looked at that wiki, because the first thing I learned was "trukk not munky!"
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Hot Shot, really? I figured if that was anyone, it was Perceptor. Armada is looooong after my time, but I'm glad you found the TF Wiki useful.

To make one more quasi-useful contribution, Seibertron used to be one of the biggest fan sites on the Web, but I haven't been there in many moons so I don't know if there's anything of value to you there, krisjohn. Have fun with the painting!
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