How can I get these toys for my son?
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Looking for some help getting some toys that seem to only be available in Asia.

A student teacher at my son's school recently turned up with these toys after a trip to Korea:

Letter transformers 1

Letter transformers 2

My son really liked them, but we've been unable to find any local sellers (we're in Canada), only the bulk seller in the links above. We don't want to order 10 cartons of them, just some for my son to have (and a for his regular teacher as well, who has also expressed an interest).

Can anyone help me figure out a way to get some of these?
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I thought would be your friend on this one, but I couldn't find them on there (note: not an expert at searching on there). One possibility might be eBay's Want it Now; maybe you might be able to hook up with a seller who usually deals in that sort of thing and wouldn't mind ordering a ten cartons.
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Is he still interested? Alphabet Transformers.
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