Other sweaty passionate motivational speakers like Leo Buscaglia?
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Just watched some of Leo Buscaglia's videos on YouTube. Are there other sweaty passionate motivational speakers like him?

Non-religious stuff please.
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Les Brown and Tony Robbins come to mind, though I don't know anything about the sweat factor.
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Sorry, I could only think of Matt Foley - which probably isn't helpful (pardon advertisement). Definitely sweaty, definitely passionate, unfortunately not a real person...
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You might like Eckhart Tolle; his passion is a little more subdued and meditative. He does discus 'God' but it's a loose definition of a sort of greater energy and spiritually inclusive. His speaking style may take some getting used to.
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You might check out Nikki Giovanni. Nikki Giovanni is a secular poet. The link I provided is a link to a segment she did on the Bill Moyers Journal, but I think it's relatively non-religious.

Nikki Giovanni is passionate, heart-warming, and life-affirming when she speaks. I've watched her interview video on the website a couple of times.
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Wayne Dyer
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