Phone should probably not resemble hypercolor.
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Can my phone's water-damaged screen be saved?

Last spring, I dropped my phone (TMobile MDA) into a bag that also had a leaking water bottle. (That was a not-good day.)

I discovered it within a few minutes, and eventually, I got it working, mostly just by letting it dry out. HOWEVER...the screen has never been quite the same. It looks faded and streaking, tending towards pink, almost looks like a worn-out Hypercolor shirt.

I had pretty much resigned myself to it, but a few times over the winter the screen has gone entirely back to normal, sometimes for just a few seconds, in one case for over a week. I thought it had fixed itself, and I was sooo sad the day it went back to washed-out.

What the heck caused this, why might it have flickered back to life, and is there any hope of fixing it permanently?

(I probably should just buy a new phone, but I'd rather not right now. I'm holding out for a G1.)
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I probably should just buy a new phone


but I'd rather not right now. I'm holding out for a G1.

Okay, fine. Wait.

When you do get a new one, here's how to recycle the old one.
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I don't have a good answer for your question on fixing your broken system but I replaced my T-Mobile MDA with a G1 and couldn't be happier.

that said, if you're waiting for your contract to expire to get a new G1, I have my old MDA (with a fairly new battery, a moderately scuffed/scratched screen, missing a stylus) that I'd be willing to sell for a few bucks over shipping costs if no one can tell you how to reliably fix your existing screen. you'd just need to put in a MiniSD card, your SIM card and resync to your last good backup. MeFiMail me if you're interested.
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Just a quick follow-up: it is, obviously, unsalvageable. I'm still figuring out what to replace it with & when.
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