How can I make Vista share with xp with no problems?
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My new (XP) Netbook is refusing to open shared folders on my Vista main PC, yet if i reboot main pc it will suddenly work again! Can anyone help stop me tearing my hair out?

Netbook is a Compaq 702EA running XP home and connected to network through wifi, main pc is running Vista Home Premium. When both machines are freshly booted, Netbook can open, read etc all shares on main pc. However, if I put netbook into hibernation and then turn it on again (next day or whenever) it suddenly gets permission denied errors when trying to access main pc shares. If I reboot main pc, all will be well again until netbook sleeps and then cycle starts all over! Netbook can access shares on 2 other vista pcs in the house with no problem, just the main one. Have googled and tried numerous things (static ip on both, chaged workgroups, network setup wizard on XP, netbios over tcp/ip enabled etc etc). Can ping using ip or computer name both ways. At end of my tether trying to figure it out, can someone help???
(Netgear Router ties the network together and no firewall on either pc is enabled)
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What does the event log say on both the computers? Perhaps its logged more info.
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Response by poster: Have installed new gfx card today so main pc has been off. When i turned it back on again the netbook is reading the shares without issue. Tried a quick hibernate and then on again after a few mins and it still read the shares. Will post if problem re-occurs with logs
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