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Can anyone recommend a good maid/house-cleaning service in San Francisco? I've looked online but I would rather go to one from a reference, just to make sure no one walks off with my stereo. How much should I expect to pay for a one-time cleaning of a 1-bedroom apartment? Is recurring service better, or do you just call when you don't have time to clean up yourself? How does security generally work if I'm not at home?
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You might ask your apartment manager. Our complex has a lady who does general upkeep around the place and does individual apartments as well. Don't know the price, though.
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I've gotten help from the New Dimensions service in SF for a couple of years, twice a month. They send the same person out every time, so over time you get to know each other. Someone's always home, but I'd trust them now if I weren't here. I have a friend who's happy with Merry Maids, too.
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I recommend reading "Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America" before working with Merry Maids. The crux of it is that you'd do well to work with somebody who works for themselves, and not for a service, unless it's a local service or coop that you know pays their employees well. As you can imagine, more well-paid maids clean better and are less inclined to steal.
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Wow, I came into this thread about to refer to Nickel and Dimed as well. Although it's peripheral to the theme of the book, there is a scathing indictment of franchised cleaning services, Merry Maids in particular. And it's not just about how badly they treat the workers; the cleaning is all about creating the appearance of cleanliness, with a de-emphasis on the use of water and the elimination of bacteria.
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When I lived in the city I used the Day Labor Women's Collective and couldn't have been happier. It's a really great organization and I highly recommend them. They do great work for a great cause. Several of my friends are regular clients.

I prefer to have someone come at regularly scheduled intervals, it keeps things more sane and organized. Currently I have a service (a father-son operation) that comes every other Monday, and they scour my 1000 square-foot house from stem to stern, for $55 a pop. It takes them about two hours. This is on the Peninsula. I'd recommend my guys, but they don't travel that far north.
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