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Howdy-Doody-Filter - Does anyone have any advice how one could go about getting a copy of a specific episode of the Howdy Doody show on Tape/DVD/anything?

Many many years ago, my father was in the peanut gallery for Howdy Doody. Going through some of my grandmother's effects, we finally think we know the exact date of the show that he was on, and have been looking for a copy of said episode. I have taken a look at the "official" releases on DVD from Mill Creek entertainment, but they are missing that specific episode.
I thought about trying to contact the production company, but it seems like that is NBC themselves, and I have to figure finding anyone there who would talk to me is slim to non...

So I ask the hive mind - any suggestions?
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You might be able to find it here: http://www.museum.tv/collectionssection.php?page=36

It might not be online, but it might be in their archives, and you can order copies.
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