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ParisFilter: what is the best way to get from the Gare d'Austerlitz to Orly Sud?

Tomorrow I'm heading to Berlin, and my flight leaves from Orly Sud. So I'm taking a train from my city into Paris.

I was looking around on the official metro website and it suggested taking the RER C to St. Michel Notre Dame, and then another line south to Orly, including something called the ORLYVAL (?) via Antony. I'm familiar with the metro system in Paris, but mostly only in the center of the city. The trajectory/plan provided was rather confusing.

I'm not opposed to taking a taxi if that's the most efficient way to get into the airport, and as long as it wouldn't be too expensive. As for my timing, the train should arrive at 10h44 in Austerlitz and my flight leaves Orly at 14h30.

Any advice would be greatly appreciate!
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Best answer: Easier: RER C2 from Gare D'Austerlitz to Pont de Rungis-AĆ©roport d'Orly, then take the "Paris par le train" shuttle.
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And looking at the timetable, you're talking 23-24 minutes on the RER, plus the time of the shuttle (navette).
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The trip by car is not a long one, but don't forget that taxis will charge you both for taking you from a rail station, and leaving you at an airport.

OrlyVal is just a specialized metro line for people going to/from Orly. It should be quite easy to find from the Antony stop of the RER B. Just don't forget to buy a RER ticket that specifies that you are heading out of Paris itself (maybe you can even buy a ticket which included OrlyVal).
The most tedious part will be the transition between RER C and RER B.
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I took the metro and the Orlyval on my way to Orly. Remember that the metro is a PITA with luggage. I took the Airfrance coaches on my way back, easier but more expensive.
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Response by poster: OK, thanks for the comments so far -- I'm trying to decide what would be best. I'm also reading about the OrlyBus that leaves from Denfert Rochereau -- but I would have to backtrack a bit to get to Denfert Rochereau, of course. Still, it looks like less of a hassle than the RER, and I'd only have to deal with the metro lines. Going from Austerlitz to Place d'Italie to Denfert Rochereau ought to not take too long -- and apparently the OrlyBus takes about half an hour.

I'm basically daunted by the RER and its multiple directions issue. I am fine with metro lines, but RER still makes me flummoxed!
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Don't be daunted. There's only one RER line at Austerlitz -- the C -- and the trains which go to the Pont de Rungis station for Orly (dir. Massy-Palaisau) leave every 20 minutes. That link to the RATP site should set your mind at ease.
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Response by poster: Thanks holgate! I did exactly as you suggested and it worked out great.
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