Will Obama give me money?
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Will the stimulus law affect my tax filling?

Because of a minor miscalculation when i changed jobs, I owe about $100. Will the stimulus change that? or does the law affect me in any other way?
Single male, 23 and living with parents.
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I believe that the tax cuts included in the stimulus will show up as a decrease in the taxes taken out of your upcoming paychecks, not as a lump sum.

On a smaller scale, a middle class couple can expect to find an additional $26 in their weekly paychecks starting June 1, thanks to a tax cut in the gigantic bill. A single person will see an extra $13 in the paycheck.
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You're a kitty! is right, but any of the other changes won't affect your 2008 tax filing, but will come into effect when you file your 2009 taxes (which will be in April of 2010)
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Nope. Even though the taxes aren't due until April, they apply to last year.
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