Move my archive of awesome to the cloud?
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How can I organize my archive of awesomeness which has mostly pictures?

I have started an archive, much like Adam Savages creative projects archive, of awesome random stuff, like interesting images I find, or links or songs, etc. Currently this archive is a folder on my desktop ("archive of awesome"). To organize the items, I have been writing in the metadata (spotlight comments) about everything. I'D like to move this archive to the cloud, whilst keeping the process of adding things to the catalouge simple. What service can I use for this?

currently, all pictures, mostly weird ones that I get to make points for friends and such. I plan on adding text clips and links.
I use a mac, and would like something ideally that combines a desktop software and a nice website.
It must be easy. If it takes more than a few seconds to add to it, it will probably end up being too cumbersome.
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Response by poster: I like evernote but perhaps there is something more selfcontained?
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Maybe set up a Tumblr.
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Best answer: You may find Dropbox to be the easiest solution. Basically, you'd be doing exactly what you're doing now, but with files available for syncing with any computer.
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Seconding Dropbox. Just put your awesome folder in the Dropbox folder (along with whatever else you want to survive your next catastrophe) and plop an alias to it on your desktop. File management &c. is exactly the same: you can still add Spotlight metadata and it will survive.
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Check out Yojimbo. Don't be disturbed by the weird name, it's made by the same excellent OSX developers as the very popular code editor bbEdit. No, I don't work for them, but I have used this software and I think it would probably fit what you are looking for. It is $39 for a license, but you can try the demo.

From their website:

It accepts almost anything — text, bookmarks, PDF files, web archives, serial numbers, passwords, or images — by dragging, copying, importing or even printing. You can get anything out of Yojimbo you put into it, too, in its original form.... Location independent access — use MobileMe and enjoy the same Yojimbo satori at home and at the office... Instant Spotlight search of all Yojimbo content... Sync notes via The Missing Sync for Windows Mobile, Palm OS, or Blackberry.
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Well, evernote has been mentioned, as has yojimbo, so I'll toss in DEVONthink. Right now it's got three years of RSS archives (I can't tell you how many times I say "didn't I read an article about that ..."?), hundreds of webarchives, dozens of notes I've written, hundreds of PDFs for school, all my bills and bank statements, dozens of client emails. It's got everything.

That said, photos are the one thing I keep separate, I stick them in Aperture which is iPhoto++. But there's no reason I couldn't stick them into DEVONthink. Though I'm not sure how DEVONthink's AI would work on non-textual files like that.
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Response by poster: I marked JDHarper as the best answer because I started to use Dropbox, and it is very intuitive and simple. Plus, it takes mind of how each file has spotlight comments that describe them.
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