Help me find a concert poster, please?
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I am need of a concert poster. Specifically, I am looking for the 2003 Vans Warped Tour poster, either with no venue listed or from the Camden, NJ show.

A friend of mine is looking for a copy of the 2003 Vans Warped Tour poster. She's found copies for sale from other venues, but she can't seem to find one from either the Camden show or if not from there, with no venue listed. Anyone have any leads? I've checked all the usual places, and all we can find are shows from other venues.

Worst case scenario, an image of one suitable for printing on a large scale might be okay. As I understand, that is what many of the online poster stores do now anyway.
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Before people start duplicating your effort, why not tell us what your idea of "the usual places" is?
posted by rhizome at 5:39 PM on February 23, 2009

I'm guessing by usual places you already tried
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Response by poster: I have, unfortunately they carry no Warped Tour posters. I've also tried just general googling, eBay, AllPosters and a number of other poster sites.
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