What are the best marketing departments with the best career potential
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What are the best Marketing departments with the best career potential? After more than a decade with one employer, I feel like it may be time to stretch my wings and find some new challenges. I've largely built my current department, so in a way, it is limited by my own perspectives. I'd be looking for a place that's more sophisticated where I could be exposed to new techniques and tools that would allow me to grow faster than I can on my own.

My emphasis is creative management. I excel at strategy and systems building. Most of my experience has been in corporate MarCom. I'd prefer to stay on that track, but I'm not entirely opposed to other options for the right opportunity. I'm a middle manager and ready to start positioning myself for executive leadership. I'd prefer the Southern California area (San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles), but I might relocate for the right opportunity.

Creative freedom is important. Interesting, high profile projects are important. The ability to learn new things and grow as a marketing professional is paramount.

This is largely preparatory. There don't need to be any jobs available right now. I probably wouldn't want to make a move until the economy settles a bit, but I'd like to start developing a short list of preferred companies.

If you have further questions, you can use blindmarketingjob@gmail.com
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There's really not enough info here to provide a spot on answer. What type of MarCom do you do? Is it consumer marketing? B2B? What sector? CPG? Tech?

And what do you mean by "creative management"? Do you mean you are an especially creative manager, or you have a specialty in managing "creative" (brand building, ads) or "creatives" (designers and copywriters)?

Feel free to email me (see profile) if you'd like my 2cents. (And I'd be happy to update this question with more details if you want to provide them).
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