Forgot the name of a surgery TV show.
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I'm looking for the name of a TV show that showed one surgery per episode. It came on in the late 90's. It was on Discovery, TLC, or a similar channel. The show was an hour long. I remember there being shows about knee replacement, breast reduction, and something laparoscopic. I thought it was called "The Surgery".
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Best answer: Most likely, The Operation.
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Are you referring to "The Operation"? It looks like it ran from 1993 - 2001. I remember watching it.
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Oh jeeze yes. It was very graphic and the thing that put the Discovery channel on the map.
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Definitely has to be The Operation. Boy, my friends thought I was a weirdo for liking that.
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Response by poster: Yes! The Operation sounds right. Any ideas where I can find The Operation on DVD, VHS, BitTorrent, etc?
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Response by poster: I found the show for sale at absurd prices. Any ideas where I can get this without paying $2500? Maybe I can borrow it from a library?
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I have 5 episodes of The Operation on VHS. I can fairly easily convert them to DVD. If you want copies, check your MeFi mail. The ones I have are: knee replacement, jaw, breast, mitral valve replacement, parathyroid.
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