pan. zoom out. repeat.
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gmaps filter: what am i looking at?

seems to be related to mining, there are oil derricks in the area.

i cant imagine how much fun it was to make alllllll those lines...
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I can't see any vegetation but I was thinking of rice paddies, laid out by some sort of computerized gps program. But that is just a wild guess.
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Given the obvious water flow in the area, I wonder if it isn't some sort of massive erosion-control system. The patterns do seem to generally run perpendicular to the apparent flow, cutting across the mountain sides.
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Looks like mining to me, too. But it could be some kind of mega-project intended to place gigatons of dirt into low Earth orbit at a moment's notice.
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Best answer: According to this person, it's sounds like geologic research.
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my first thought was seismic lines for oil and gas research but these are obviously different. some geological surveys involve massive trucks (can't find a photo, though i've seen 'em) that shoot soundwaves through the earth from pads that get lowered against the ground.
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