Blues harp in modern classical music?
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Are there any good examples of contemporary "classical"/art music featuring the diatonic blues harp?

I have found few works scored for chromatic harmonica, like Villa-Lobos's concerto, but these don't interest me as much. I'm more interested in composers who have engaged with traditional blues harp sounds and techniques, the way composers from Country X will often write a "Concerto for Traditional Folk Instrument of Country X and Orchestra."
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Don't know if this is much help but Buddy Greene is a great harmonica player. I looked at his stuff on itunes, but didn't see much there. I saw him in concert one time and he was playing great classical tunes with tracks, but it was awesome!! I believe he might have played an arrangment of flight of the bumblebee. That is about the extent I have with harmonica....
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That's a damn good question and one that I don't really have an answer to. I have to say that all the composers that I know who have written for harmonica have written for the chromatic version of the instrument. Have you contacted music publishers about this? I know that several have websites where you can search for specific instrumentation.
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Howard Levy comes to mind right away. He has gone beyond mastery of the instrument. Particularly, his Concerto for Diatonic Harmonica and Orchestra. Recent article on NPR.
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Wow, rarer than even I thought! Levy's concerto certainly meets the requirements, although I was hoping for something a little less drained of blues.

Ob, I haven't tried contacting music publishers—I didn't actually intend to play anything I found, so anything not available in recorded form wouldn't be of much use to me anyway. Sorry, should've specified.
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