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I'm looking for a premium podcasting service. Here is what I need. I need to be able to upload MP3 files to a server which will allow me to manage about 20 different private URL podcasts for a small internship's classes. Ideally this service would have simple embed HTML code so we can add a player to web pages. Each private podcast will have 16-20 hours of content.

I also need the ability to create a public podcast which people can subscribe to with iTunes.

Any thoughts?
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Podcast Generator is pretty good and its open source and free to use.
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If you have your own server already, it's really easy to roll your own thing here. And, really, a 16-20 hour MP3 is going to be huge; you don't want to have to upload that on a web form. FTP is the way to go.

OK, so you upload the MP3's to a folder on your server. You also want to install Wordpress to some folder. Create a blog entry for the first podcast episode. Then, go to Feedburner and give it the RSS feed for the wordpress blog. One of the options on Feedburner is to create a podcast feed--any MP3 the blog links will be added to the podcast feed. You give the podcast feed generated by Feedburner to your students and add that to iTunes.

Alternately, assuming that you actually meant 16-20 minute podcasts, comes highly recommended to me.
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