Find me a photography class in DC
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Looking for a good, and hopefully affordable, photography class or workshop in Washington, DC.

I've always loved taking pictures and most recently purchased the digital SLR of my dreams. I am looking to improve my skills a bit by taking a photography class in Washington, DC that will let me use my new camera. I've found some at the Washington School of Photography (based in Bethesda Maryland) but it seems a bit pricey.
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Maybe a bit on the pricey side, but I've taken some good classes through the Smithsonian Associates.
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Corcoran Gallery's School of Art & Design offers photography classes.
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Actually, the search engine gives you a lot more results, so I'd go there.
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The instruction isn't as formal as the other suggestions, but I've had luck with Washington Photo Safari.

Most of the classes are tailored to beginners (others are definitely not), and the class sizes are usually fairly small.
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