Good spots to take pictures in Marin?
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What are some easily accessible, scenic spots in the Marin Headlands?

My friends and I would like to take pictures at a scenic spot overlooking the ocean in the Marin Headlands next weekend. What are some good spots?

a) The trail has nice views of the ocean but not man-made structures.
b) Easy to get to (some people are not into hiking much. So no more than a 30 minute hike).
c) Preferably not too crowded (but we could also go on a weekday).

Bonus if you can tell me where this is.

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Best answer: special-k (hi!), that photo was taken from a bluff just south of Rodeo Beach, and you can reach the spot where it was shot by driving to Battery Mendell (.pdf map).

If you park in the lot at Rodeo Beach and pick up any northbound bluff trail, you'll have miles of cliffs and ocean and nary a building in sight. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather!
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Muir Beach Overlook is a real nice place to go. You only have to walk a few hundred feet, and you have a great view of a bunch of rocky shore. In late April / early May you ought to be able to catch the sun setting over Bolinas & Point Reyes.
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Also not to be missed is the Point Bonita lighthouse, which is pretty much on the way (if you're driving -- and maybe even walking -- it's been awhile).
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