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I'm trying to put together a panel for SXSW Interactive 2005 on "city blogs," i.e., Gothamist et al, the Metroblogging network and my own site, Gapers Block. Beyond these, though, are there any city blogs I ought to invite to join the panel, particularly in cities other than NYC, LA and CHI? [More inside]

Some more specifics:
- I'm looking for sites that publish original content, not blog aggregate sites, a la DFWBlogs
- The editor/creator of the site would have to be able to make it to Austin, TX in March, so that probably limits it to North America.
- Sites that cover specific aspects of a city -- such as Curbed or A Full Belly are OK, provided they are city-specific.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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I do the Montreal City Weblog (it's mostly news links, with some comment), and an acquaintance of mine is starting a more arty, photo/text site about the city soon. (Sorry about the self-link.)
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Our own b!X has a great site about Portland with original reporting and commentary.
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It's infrequently updated, but I've always been a fan of The Beast Blog.
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um, QuirkyBurque? It's a personal site, but she seems to chronicle just about everything going on in the ci-tay.
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Here in Austin, we do have a meta-blog, which I know isn't what you're after, but we have at least a couple of personal blogs that focus mostly (but not exclusively) on city issues:

Grits for Breakfast--sort of a "city desk" feel.
M1EK's Bake-Sale of Bile--written by a member of the city's Urban Transportation Commission, and focusing especially on mass-transit issues.

I'm probably overlooking some, but that should get you started.
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A city blog in Toledo, OH:
posted by munger at 7:55 AM on November 3, 2004 is most excellent! I understand their blogs are the most high-traffic draw on the site.
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"Our own b!X has a great site about Portland with original reporting and commentary."

Of course, that site of mine may be dead by the time SXSW comes around, for financial inviability reasons. But in the name of shameless plugs, see my about page if you want to get a sense of the attention the site has drawn here in Portland.
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