Help find a new dentist with my new insurance!
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Need help finding a dentist in the Naperville area that takes Principal Dental Insurance.

I've always loved going to the dentist, but I've also always gone to the same dentist for my entire life.

Now that I've moved away and have different insurance, it's time for me to find my own dentist. And I am finding the task extremely daunting. My work recently changed dental insurance, so a lot of people have out of network dentists.

I tried some Google searches, but the best I could find were one or two reviews, but that really isn't that helpful and doesn't tell me all that much about a dentist. I'd really like to get to the dentist soon because I seem to have developed a problem with either grinding my teeth or clenching my teeth that is causing ear pain and I'd like to talk to a dentist about it.

Is there anyone in the Naperville area, or surrounding area (Downers Grove, Wheaton, Aurora, Bolingbrook...) that can recommend a dentist covered by Principal Dental Insurance?
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Could you not perhaps call Principal Dental Insurance and ask them for their members in the area?
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Err, by "members" I mean dentists that they cover.
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Response by poster: I can get a list of dentists that are covered, I just have no idea how to go about picking a GOOD dentist...
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Stake them out. Anybody entering the premises in tears and holding their jaw, then emerging some time later smiling and refreshed, you put a tick in one column. Anybody entering the premises smiling and refreshed, then emerging some time later in tears and holding their jaw, you put a tick in another column.

Any person entering in either state, and not emerging ever again? Congratulations, you are now on the trail of lost Nazi gold!

Me, I'd start here.
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Well, I can tell you about the three dentists I've gone to in Naperville, and why I didn't like two of them. My wife probably has an opinion about a fourth. My nephew, maybe a fifth one. Perhaps I could get a second-hand report on another few. All just personal opinions, of course, but that sounds like what you're looking for. But whether they accept Principal Dental Insurance? I dunno, you'd have to run the list past me to see if there's an intersection.
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Try Dr. Wyandt in the new offices next to Jewel-Osco on 95th and Rt. 59. Have had a great experience there.
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I am going to recommend Dr. Robert Shanahan. I've been very happy with the service, the staff are pretty great and all of those other details are totally fine. What is really key is that he is obsessed with doing careful and really great dental work. And he cares. I looked for a very long time for a dentist in the area, and since moving I have refused to find another dentist and will drive over to Shanahan's office. And he is a hot air ballon pilot. How neat is that?

Tell them that a Canadian recommended them, they will likely know who off the top of their head. They are just great.
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