...Bead Goddess?
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ProbablyNotFilter: Is the woman in this brass Art Nouveau medallion supposed to be anyone in particular?

I got it at an antique store awhile ago, and I've always been curious. I know this art style is all about random pretty women for pretty's sake, but I figured there was still a chance that she might be, say, a specific mythological figure or something. Thanks!
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I do believe that is the goddess of victory.
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Any particular reason?
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Seconding the idea that she could be Nike.
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A wanna-be Mucha.
I don't think Nike has ever worn poppies on her head.
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Oh, and if you want to associate poppies with a goddess, it would be most closely tied be Demeter. Not only are poppies symbols of the grain harvest, they are symbols of sleep or oblivion. Demeter , goddess of the harvest, was supposed to have eaten poppies in order to sleep after her daughter was lured away by Pluto.
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The Mucha it comes closest to is the Summer where she is long haired with red poppies.

If you want to speculate on the possible interpretation is could be Salome if we want to go by the use of symbolism from the period . Poppies representing seductive destruction, through both sexuality and also narcotics, is possible though her eyes being wide open would contradict that sexual inner world connotations as used by the Symbolists. The jewelry she is wearing is reminiscent of near eastern origins as the draping along the neck which may imply a veil. The hair being undone could be interpreted as freedom from traditional constraints.

Of course, it just could be the designer just liking the look or doing a "homage" to Mucha with no deeper, possible meanings.
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Did somebody mention Mucha already? Here's a famous poster with the poppies in hair.

As for the diadem, I can only suggest that it is reminiscent of the Lady of Elche, which was discovered and displayed in the Louvre at the right time to inspire an artist. Mucha himself seems to have stolen the roundels.
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