Spring to Summer jobs/internships in Portland, Oregon
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I'm looking for temporary jobs/internships/apprenticeships/Americorp type volunteer stuff in Portland, Oregon. My free time begins in Mid March, and goes until the end of August. I live in New Hampshire, graduated from high school last Spring, and am on a gap year before attending college this Fall.

The past month or so I've been looking for possible work in Portland during the Spring till the start of school. I've tried the Northwest Service Academy, and was put on a wait list for one of their positions. All the CSA's I have either applied to/contacted have not responded, either to phone or email. It's been somewhat frustrating, and I'm trying to figure out what to do next.

My reasons for moving to Portland are mostly to be with my girlfriend. I also have a handful of very close friends there, many close friends in Seattle, and I love the Northwest. I've spent ample amount of time in the North Cascades (about a year and a half), have a high school diploma, a Wilderness First Responder certification. Right now I have four part time jobs, one at a restaurant, one at a Dartmouth Medical School lab, one as a care giver, and one at a travel agency. I feel, especially for my age, I have a fair amount to offer.

Can anyone point me to any resources I may have missed? Any CSA's they know will respond? My girlfriend is a care giver right now, too, and says a job there is a good possibility. But it doesn't sound like the best company. I don't need housing, but if it's not paid, a stipend would be good. My guess for the amount of money I'll have saved up by the time I would head out there is about $1500-2000. Enough to survive on for the Summer, but I would much, much, much prefer to have money to go to my college education.

Of course, the other factor is that I live 3000 miles away. Is it absolutely imperative that I move to Portland, if I have any hope of attaining a job?

I'm willing to hear about stuff on the outskirts of Portland, too. Thank you!
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Might try memailing Portland-area mefite Skwirl. His two posts to jobs.metafilter.com lead me to believe he's got the inside skinny on PDX Americorps.
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