One reason why the long-distance runner is lonely.
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Good, athlete-friendly pedicure recommendations in L.A.? (Preferably the west side.)

I'm an avid runner and cyclist, and my feet get destroyed from the constant activity on a regular basis. (Yes, I have high-end and appropriate athletic footwear; this is just the nature of my feet.) For the last few years, I've tried to treat myself to occasional pedicures to keep Hobbit-foot at bay, but I really need to step up the treatment (so to speak). Prior to now, I've been in Boston, where I had a much-beloved homebase for such things, but thus far I'm adrift in L.A.

Recommendations abound on Yelp, but their prime recommendation left me even worse split heels and sores than when I started. Plus, I tend to think the majority of reviews focus on the "nice nails and polish jobs" aspect of the pedi, and not so much the "kindly grind down my inch-thick callouses and split heels" side, which is what I really need.

So, fellow athletes (and those who tend to them). Any preferences for expert foot love in L.A. that will rejuvenate my exercise partners down south?
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I'd ask around at the local runners' or cyclists' club. I'm sure it's a common problem. You might also ask a sports oriented podiatrist if they can recommend someone.
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