Mirror, mirror on the wall...what shall I paint my home?
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What to paint, what to paint!?!?!? How do I revamp the townhouse walls and doors?

My townhouse is a two-storey, 1700 sqft little home and I have decided to find a way to give it some identity via paint. It is mine, so there are no issues as far as running anything by a landlord. The furniture is very modern/industrial, half from IKEA and half from Copenhagen. Also, there is a lot of art work throughout the house. I have pulled certain colors from the surrounding artwork to determine the color of curtains and tablecloths, but I am looking for something fresh.

The walls are eggshell and since we have a 27' ceiling, I would like to keep them eggshell. So I am just considering painting either the kitchen or the doors and door frames. If I did the kitchen, I would only do the small wall alongside the sink, so I can do that fairly dark, but then I have to consider THAT paint matching the doors and door frames. Our appliances are all white and the cabinets and the floors are all the light wood (think more beige than yellow). There are already a lot of black (like our couches, bookcases, dining set, tv, etc.) so I am trying to do more yellows, reds, and blues.

I am wondering what the rules are in terms of matching and, gasp, if I should paint the door frames. There are many doors in the common living space and I am hesitant to paint the door frames a sky blue or copper because that would be quite a bit of color. But I do want to paint it something to differentiate it from the vast eggshell walls.

Does anyone have any ideas or examples they can point me to? I have looked online and everyone said to keep the door frames white and color the walls and doors. I am all for painting the doors too, just not the huge walls we have. Color-wise, I would prefer to keep in the winter or fall shades. We have such tall windows, I am trying to avoid anything too bright and too contradictory of the color of the pieces we already have.
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What colours do you like, for your furniture? An obvious answer to trim and edging is various shades of beige and brown, or wheat and honey colours. Painting the door frame is of course not required.
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There are already a lot of black (like our couches, bookcases, dining set, tv, etc.)

What would the beige, brown, or wheat honey be a paint color for, the doors or walls? I want to paint the door frame NOT the walls, unless it is in the kitchen. I cannot paint a 27' tall wall, nor do I want to.
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