Pop Quiz! How do you create a quiz?
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Looking for a quiz creator to use with engagement website, details and requirements inside.

My fiance and I are designing a website based around our engagement and wedding, which is coming up in September. We would like to make the website a more fun than the usual "here's the info, here are some pictures". Our website is up now - but has just a picture until we are done designing the site. Website is here.

I am looking for a website or program that would allow me to create a quiz about me and Mrs. Brettus that we could imbed into our site. People would enter in their name, take the quiz and a small leaderboard would be kept to see who did the best out of all "quiz takers".

I have seached "create quiz" and "quiz creator" on Google as well as "quiz website" and just "quiz" on here and haven't been able to find much information without trying each site individually. Survey Monkey has caught my eye - but it seems, from what I can tell, it's just a survey - no right or wrong, and no leaderboards.

Thanks in advance for the answers - I trust the hive's opinion more than my own mothers'.
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Response by poster: I think that they intentionally don't have a spell or grammar check function just to make me look stupid. Yes, I blame it on Metafilter. embed = imbed.
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What platform/CMS are you using for your website? You could easily create something like that in a few hours on Django (maybe you could even hire someone on Craigslist to do it).

My original answer was "Oh my, please don't do that," to be completely honest.
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Response by poster: I ask this not to defend my side - but to get your real opinion - why do you say to not do that? Too cheesy? Been there, done that? Our opinion was it was not something that would not be required of the viewer, but an option for family and friends to do if they wanted to.
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Best answer: Brettus, I sincerely regret making that comment; it's your wedding and you should do things the way you want to.

In my personal opinion, a website like that should exist for the purpose of making it easy for people to get directions, book accommodation, and make purchases from your gift registry (if you have one). Adding entire chapters about how the couple met and their detailed biographies rubs me the wrong way; it's too much gratuitous ego stroking (isn't that what social networking sites are for?), and a quiz about the two of you--complete with public scorekeeping nonetheless!--sounds outright tacky. Again, that's just me.

Also, here is a website that lets you create quizzes with scoreboards for free.
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Response by poster: I take no offense - no worries. Certainly the main function of the website is going to be information in a clear, clean, understandable presentation - but we thought grandparents, aunts and uncles, brothers and sisters would all like a short quiz (aka, trip down memory lane). We will see - thank you for the link, and no worries about the comment. In all reality, I would love to hear reasons why NOT to do this just to get a better idea of how it could be percieved by the viewing public. Huzzah!
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Best answer: Here is an example of what another couple has done: it looks like this is pretty much exactly what you're looking for, and you can even embed it on your own website by clicking "spread the word" at the bottom.
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Did a crossword about the family for both grandparents and was the hit of the holidays in both houses.

And congratulations.
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Response by poster: Thanks Halogen and Wilberto for your answers - both things you provided me should do exactly what I need. I have marked the question as resolved.
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Response by poster: For the record, the website has been created - quiz free - here:

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Response by poster: Clickable Link Here
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