Lincoln for Lefty and Reagan for Righty?
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Where can I find, or how can I make a spider-man bra? ... or Nixon/Churchill bra? ... or... etc

I've a friend's birthday coming up and want to find/make a humorous bra as a gift.

I'd like to find a store/shop/ebay search term that'd help me find places that sell these-- alas, my google-fu has failed me.

If they really don't exist, I've no problem making it... except I sew very poorly, and would worry about taking fabric and sewing it onto an existing one to the benefit of neither.

Are bras something that can be silkscreen-printed?

Anyway. I'm looking for something with superheros on it (anyone but wonderwoman), or political figures or... things delightfully random. (Spectacular vistas might be a bit too close to "maybe he was being serious"... but a panoramic photo of a wal-mart parking lot is just about the level of classy that I'm looking for)

I know depending on the fit it's either a 32DDD or 34DD (she mentions having trouble finding ones that fit sometimes, so I'll pay closer attention if I end up making this from a normal one), so somewhere that has relatively larger sizes would be necessary.
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I'd be surprised (not in a bad way, but stilll, surprised) to find anyone customising bras with prints after they've been sewn up, just cuz they're not the flattest of canvases so don't immediately seem to lend themselves well to cheap, easy construction.

If fabric paint and your own hands is too DIY for you, what about contacting someone on Etsy? I've never really used the site so can't speak first-hand but I think there's people on there who do custom jobs these days....
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Best answer: if she's really that size, you're wasting your time and money on a bra that 99% won't fit/she won't wear. big boobied girls don't just grab any old bra - it takes hours of trying on to find THE ONE to buy in seventeen different colors.

love the idea though - why don't you do a camisole instead, and personalize the boob parts of the cami. that way she might actually be able to wear it! :)
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Seeba: "Anyway. I'm looking for something with superheros on it (anyone but wonderwoman), or political figures or... things delightfully random."

I was going to suggest an Obama bra -- an "Obrama", if you will -- but was shocked, shocked to find that the internets has not yet produced one.

A good term to use would be "novelty bra", which turns up a lot of seashell- and coconut-based items. Though I'm not sure if the quality of such items would make them comfortable to wear any more often than Halloween.
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how about mardi bra?
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she mentions having trouble finding ones that fit sometimes

I can only assume you are a man. It´s not the size, it´s that different brands and styles fit differently. It will be hard to find her a bra to wear as a day to day item, although if you are thinking this would be something to wear on special occasions for an hour or three it might be doable.

The other route you can take is to do this as a non-wearable novelty item. Get a bra and glue superhero figures, Nixon masks, etc. to it.
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The 3 to 4 week timeframe might not work for you...but how about a doll bra?
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Best answer: Since it's a humorous gift, forget about the fit of the bra -- just buy an inexpensive 32DDD or 34 DD, or even 36 DD. Get a smooth cup if you want a nice even surface, or get a structured cup with seams if you want a stiffer canvas for your work. Most synthetic bra fabrics can't stand up to the heat needed for an iron-on patch, but fabric glue is very effective.
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Response by poster: Thank y'all-- I'll add a note when I figure out what'll work, but you've given me some good ideas!
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If you haven't got this figured yet a good airbrush artist could spray practically anything you wanted onto a bra. I've seen tattoo places airbrush all sorts of flash so that might be a good place to find an artist.
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