Breakfast in Laguna Beach?
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Breakfast in Laguna Beach?

Mrs. grateful and I will be visiting San Diego in a few weeks. On our last day, we have a few hours to burn before heading to LAX. What activities, not-to-be-missed sights or sublime breakfast experiences do you recommend we find on a Saturday morning? We're open to any and all suggestions...
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I had a very nice brunch at Las Brisas in Laguna Beach last May.
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You could hit up the Great Balloon Depending on what kind of day it is, I've heard the view is incredible.

If you go Las Brisas (which is exactly what I thought of when I first saw your question too!) you can keep going up the coast and go for a hike in Crystal Cove [which is the area between Newport Beach and Laguna Beach aka Heaven].

Something less naturey? You can go to Fashion Island, which is just another few miles up PCH [MacArthur].

Near that is Sprinkles, the famous cupcake shop-- take "Mrs. Grateful" there and you and she will be able to life up to your name that day!

I'm pretty familiar with OC stuff, if you want more recs or have questions, just mefi mail. Have a good trip!
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Hang out with the seals at La Jolla.
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For breakfast, go to The Cottage. Then, as No New Diamonds Please suggested, a nice walk in Crystal Cove.
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I always thought that El Torito Grill in Fashion Island, Newport Beach, offered a good brunch that was worth the price. Las Brisas brunch will be more expensive and the food is overrated, but of course, the view is incredible. But I'd go to El Torito, then head down to Laguna and walk all around Heisler Park and Laguna's main beach, which is the park around Las Brisas, and soak up the view and the city.
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Not to disagree with others, but if you're like me, you might not consider what is for all intents and purposes a big mall like the Fashion Island a "not-to-be-missed sights." If fancy malls aren't your idea of vacation destinations or places to visit, then stay clear of it.

Las Brisas does have a great view, but the food is so-so and overpriced for this foodie.

If you want something a bit on the fancy side but unforgettable, go straight to the Montage hotel near Dana Point and have brunch at Mosaic, overlooking the coast. You get the view plus excellent food and a great experience.
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The view from Las Brisas is really spectacular. I prefer it at sunset though, but then it really is expensive. Cocktails on the patio at sunset is a popular alternative depending upon the weather. The Pacific Coast Highway between Dana Point and Long Beach is a worthy spectacle all on its own.
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Seconding the Cottage -- great breakfasts.
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I absolutely cannot recommend Ramos House Cafe enough. Beautiful scenery, the chef is a real character and he comes to everyone's tables, and I've never had breakfast/brunch this good anywhere else. It's very near Mission San Juan Capistrano if you have time to swing by there, too.
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Thanks to all! I'll report back in a few weeks and let you know what we decided on.
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We wound up at The Cottage - excellent food, though we had to leave quickly to get to the airport. I'll be back in June to (hopefully) check out the rest of the recommendations.

Thanks again!
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