Where is Chocolate playing in New York?
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Chocolate is the new badass movie from the people who made The Protector and Ong-Bak; where is it playing in New York?

The Voice a) says it is awesome, and b) that it opened three days ago at Sunshine Cinema, but Sunshine's website doesn't mention it. Moviefone doesn't list it. Does anyone know where this movie is playing?
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Response by poster: OH HO actual meatspace calling reveals that Chocolate only played two shows at Sunshine, at midnight, on Friday and Saturday. Um, I guess I should change the focus- does anyone know of any OTHER showings of Chocolate in New York?
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Best answer: Nope. But wait, there's good news. It's coming out on DVD next week.
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spec80, I love you. *places pre-order*

235w103, that's how I saw Ong-Bak - at one of two midnight showings in Boston with very little press, and then it left town.
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Flying knee kick take downs rock.

Thanks for asking this, I didn't know it out.
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OMFG I didn't know! Can't wait to see this.

Sorry for the chatfiltery answer
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Response by poster: Oh man I bought it on DVD today and am watching it now. It is fantastic.
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Yeesh... really? Fantastic? I just downloaded it and it's pretty painful so far.
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