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I'm looking for advice on the right way to get set up for running with an iPhone in terms of gear/accessories. Specifically, I'm looking for explicit product recommendations for cases and earpieces. I think I'd like a case that I can wrap around my arm and definitely want a water resistant case. I don't care about being able to advance songs or anything -- it's fine if the list just plays through. I'm thinking corded earphones are the best option because this allows flexibility for listening to music and if I can get one with the iPhone button, ability to deal with calls. What's the best setup to run with the iPhone, thinking calls, music, security and the like??
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Based on this link [http://www.runkeeper.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=23], I'm even more confused. I really don't mind paying for quality, but I like to get the best option instead of repeated attempts.

I ran last night with a serious rubber band on my forearm, but I'd really like to see an improvement from that...
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Here's a short discussion on the MacRumors forums of a couple of different armbands.
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can i convince you that running with your iphone is really annoying? after trying it twice i got a nano. running is a lot more enjoyable when you don't have some elastic strap around your arm holding a noticeable amount of weight
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Probably, but I have a spouse who insists I have my phone with me when running anyway because he's somehow convinced I'm going to be accosted in our mild-mannered neighborhood or something of the like... Moving the sim card to a smaller phone just doesn't make sense effort wise.
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