Is it possible to separate out MMR?
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Measles, Mumps, and Rubella: is it possible to get these vaccines in three separate shots instead of one (MMR)?

It was my understanding that this was possible at some point, but that now Merck has stopped manufacturing the vaccines separately. My pediatrician recommend one pharmacy (Hopewell) in NJ that might be able to get them, but they have told me to directly to Merck. I have prescriptions for each separate vaccine and I do want my child to be immunized, but the combined MMR vaccine seems like the only option at this point. Does anyone know where I can find the separate vaccines (in the US)? Have you (or someone you know) had any luck in doing this?
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Response by poster: Argh: "recommend" should be "recommended" and "told me to" should be "told me to go".
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Not sure I can help, but if it's because you're worried about autism, you may want to read this article. It appears the connection between MMR vaccines and autism was falsified by the doctor who first published the report.
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Response by poster: My question is not about the link to autism, it's about finding three separate vaccines instead of the all-in-one. Thanks.
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Ok, maybe the second answer on this webpage:

"Here is how to get the separate MMR vaccines if your doctor won't help you. The pharmaceutical company of these three separate immunizations is Merck. American Medicine will need the following from your doctor: Doctor's prescription with the child's name, Copy of Doctor's license. Have your doctor fax this to 225-924-0249. You will then pay American Medicine (225-924-0247) and they will overnight the immunizations to your doctor. You will have to pay the overnight shipping fee due to the medicine needing to be refrigerated. Make sure you ask for the expiration dates so that you will know ahead of time and for your records. September 2007- Cost is appx. $119 (for all 3) plus shipping/handling (+-$20.) "
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I do know several people who have had their children do the immunizations split instead of with the MMR. The last time I knew someone who did this was about 7 years ago, so not sure if it's still possible. The people I know just did it through their pediatrician and it was a widely available option at that time, so perhaps it really has changed if you've been searching without any available options so far.
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I just spoke with Bridget at American Medicine. Very nice person. This post reminded me to call her and see about our order for separate vaccinations. She is slowly getting in some Measles and Rubella but Mumps is on permanent back order. She says that Merck hasn't told her that it isn't being made but they are not giving her a ship date either. She asked me to call Merck at the following number and express as a parent how important it is that they still manufacture separate vaccines. Not only for those who choose to separate the shot but to some children who cannot have the combined shot because of health reasons. Those children won't be vaccinated at all without separate vaccines. Merck Service Line 18006726372
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Grither, a lot of parents choose to have their children vaccinated for each illness individually, and/or to space the vaccines differently from the standard recommended schedule, in order to better track reactions to the vaccines.

mattbucher, have you checked out the forums at Mothering magazine's website? Vax spacing isn't as popular amongst the denizens there as skipping vax entirely, but it's a good resource for pretty much anything that veers even slightly from the AAP mainstream and I bet there are some folks there who have this issue wired.
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According to Dr. Sears, they may no longer be available.
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