Naming a new green technology
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What would you name a green project that saves electricity throughout a building?

I need some help naming a green project that my team has in the works. Basically, it will be a programmable / automated system that will replace a buildings breaker box. Main functions:

1) Prevent power drainage from various outlets and appliances, I.e. game consoles wasting $1 billion a year when idling, etc.

2) Use off peak hours if possible. I.e. charge cell phone between 12-5 am.

It has a few other abilities but this should give you the idea. I have always loved the name "Kill A Watt" but that is taken.

Any ideas for a good catchy name?
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Project Energy Efficient or PEE for short.
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Green Current

Flower Grid
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Drain Breaker
Smart Box
Smart Grid
Power Smart
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Green Genie, or if you want to make a pun/that domain is taken, Green Geenie.
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Intelligently Distributed Energy Automation box (IDEAbox) (bit of a stretch maybe...)
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Specific Electric

SpeciLect (spek-ee-lekt)
Spec-Elect (spek-ee-lekt)
SpecElec (spek-ee-lek)
Specilectric (spek-ee-lek-trik)


Electric Specific

Elecifier (ee-lek-si-fy-er)
Electricify (ee-lec-tri-si-fy)

Elexify (ee-lex-i-fy)

Elexifier, EleXifier (ee-lex-i-fy-er
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Great names guys, keep them coming.
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Current Conductor.
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The Off Switch

Day Tripper

Current Affairs Programmer

Iconoclast (Because, see, it breaks idle erm, current...)

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Electric Faucet
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Grid Lid
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Socket Block
Socket Blockit
Blockit Socket


Watt Allotter


Watt Watcher
Watt Dripper
Watt Squeezer
Watt Swatter
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AC/D-sist (or Desist, if you prefer)

(NOT AC/DC-ist!)
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Smart Panel
Van Helsing, the vampire killer
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