There's gotta be a Wordpress plugin for this
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I'd like to set up a handful of posts (or pages, it really doesn't matter) to be editable by specific people. If I have 10 posts, I want to allow 10 different people to each edit "their" page. They should not be able to do anything else, meaning no editing of other pages, no creation of new pages, no deleting their page. Just a login directing them to the edit form of their page. I can't find any sort of plugin to do this. Do you know of one? In the absence of a plugin, any other ideas on how to accomplish this?
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You don't need a plugin for it. This is possible in the WP Core.

Create the posts, assign them to the user (Post Author box on the edit screen), and away you go.

You might need to upgrade the user's role from "Subscriber" to "Contributor", but I don't think so.

If you need a little more control than that, you might check out the Role Manager plugin.
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If you can't get it on WP, this functionality exists on ning.
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