So Many Books, So Little Money
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[Boston Filter] Where can I sell my used books for cash?

I'm looking for a place in Boston (or surrounding areas) that will buy my used books. I mainly have some physics/computer science text books and some hardcover fantasy books (Wheel of Time and DragonLance). I've tried Raven's and Brookline Booksmiths and they're not interested in the subjects I have. Rodney's only buys for store credit, whereas I want cash for these books. Can anyone offer any other suggestions? Thanks for the help.
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I live in Boston and have had far better luck selling books over eBay, Amazon, and Most used bookstores are packed to the gills with unsold inventory already.
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You can sell books, especially textbooks, online at Abebooks. They'll buy them directly from you, so there's no auction, and they pay for you to ship them to the company. I've sold about $80 worth of books, and never had to give a credit card number or anything, and haven't spent a penny. The only catch may be that they don't pay top value...but it's easy.
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I always found Amazon Marketplace to be the best.
Best prices and they deposit right into your checking account. Very easy.
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powells buys books online for more than abe buyback (usually, and without the bull that abe's buyback company pulls with 'grading' and claiming they only just got a box when their own fedex labels show they've been sitting in their warehouse for more than a week) so the $80 that abe's company offered turned into more than $100 from powells.

But you'll have better luck with both abe and powells with newer stuff.

Try brattle books in downtown crossing too, they rock. But remember, EVERYONE in the universe needs cash right now, and used bookstores are filling up, so there may not be many that offer a lot.
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I second the suggestion of - been using it for years. Big advantage over ebay: No listing fees... And the shipping is fair for buyers.
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McIntyre & Moore was my first thought, but they're not buying at the moment because of their recent move from Davis to Porter. They'd almost certainly be interested in your textbooks, though.

Online is probably your best bet.
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If you have time, online is much better. I sold as much as I could online before trying Harvard Book Store.

They bought most of my remaining books, but they didn't buy all of them, and the price I got, though passable, wasn't great. (This might be because I was left with the crappiest books, though. They give slightly more money if you take store credit.)
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