Modem router combi device supported by dd-wrt
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Which Linksys (or D-Link ) modem+router two-in-one device should I buy if I want to install DD-WRT or Tomato (or any similar linux firmware) ?

I'd like to buy a new single modem+router combination device that can support DD-WRT or Tomato. I came across Linksys WAG54G2* that is such a device and available in local stores here, but it doesn't show up in DD-WRT supported devices list? I don't think WAG54G2 is same as WAG54GP2 listed in that list, which by the way is supported, but tell me if I am wrong.

So is there any such device or should I just go with my ISP's modem and WRT54GL?

*as an aside: I can't seem to find any tech specs for WAG54G2, like chipset brand, ram, flash memory size etc.
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Here's DD-WRT's list of supported devices, starting with Linksys.

I've successfully installed DD-WRT on the Linksys WTR54GS without too much trouble.
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I've bought a few WRT54G routers in the past couple of years, and I get them used from eBay, because it's easier to find out the all-important version number before you buy.

As far as I know, if a router isn't on that list, it won't be supported by DD-WRT.
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Response by poster: baltimoretime, thanks for nothing :-) If you would've read my question, you'd know that I'd already linked to that supported devices list, and come to the conclusion that the only modem+router(or ADSL gateway + router) combi device I came across, WAG54G2, is not supported (or is it?).
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Best answer: It's not supported.

If it were me, I'd go with the tried and true WRT54GL.
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Best answer: This is just my opinion. I wouldn't go with a modem/router combination. Combining electronic equipment into one sounds like a bad idea. Keeping a modem/router combo seperate makes replacement cost less in case anything were to go bad. It also means that if you ever decided to move ISP's you wouldn't have to repurchase any equipment (if you went from Cable to DSL, etc.)

Also - buying a modem/router seperate means that you can scour Craigslist or Ebay and find a supported router model on the cheap.

I use Tomato on a WRT54G and I love it.
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Using my ISP's modem and a WRT54GL flashed with Tomato (DD-WRT gave me issues with running torrents) and I've never been happier.
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What about a router with a USB port, and sticking some sort of USB serial/modem thing on it? Here's something from the DD-WRT wiki that talks about something similar (cell modems, but there's a bit about dialer strings, etc., which you probably need with your modem also):

Basically, the Asus WL-500W and tinkering with OpenWRT packages.

May I ask what you're trying to do with the thing? The modem as a backup WAN connection or some special point-to-point thing?
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Response by poster: chengjih. no specific plans for the device. I just thought having a single box instead of two (one power adapter, one cable), would keep it simple and less messy. And hence was out to find such a device supported by dd-wrt.

Though after reading the responses I think I'm leaning towards ISP's modem+WRT54GL.
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Ah, I see. I completely misunderstood, and thought you wanted an old dial-up modem attached to a router, as if you needed to make a special case for certain connections. If it's just a DSL/cable modem, yeah, then ISP's modem + WRT54GL is a perfectly fine setup.

In fact, if the ISP's modem is actually a router (say, giving you a 192.168.1.x network on its LAN side), you can create a proper DMZ zone between the modem and your Linksys, so guests can plug in there, but leave your internal network alone.
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No, theres no modem combo device for these firmwares. Essentially, DDWRT and Tomato are router projects. They arent modem projects. Just use two devices like everyone else does.
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Response by poster: Thanks everybody. I'm going with ISP's modem + WRT54GL.
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