Where was Shepherd Fairy interviewed?
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In the article regarding the AP demanding compensation for Shepherd Fairy's appropriation of a photograph of Obama for the "Hope" poster, it says:
"I donated an image to them, which they used. It was the one that said "Change" underneath it. And then later on I did another one that said "Vote" underneath it, that had Obama smiling," he said in a December 2008 interview with an underground photography Web site.
Which underground photography website would that be? Googling the quote, or variations of, only brings me this news article.
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he said that on charlie rose, too.
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no wait, my bad. he said it on fresh air with terry gross. that interview was actually quite good.
your article link doesn't work for me.
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Sounds like it was juxtapoz which is as underground as you can get.
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BTW, the Wiki kinda says that although unattributed Wiki is like making attributions to voices in your head.
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Best answer: Juxtapoz provided a lot of coverage regarding the role of underground art in the camapaign (there was a great article in a recent issue, but I can't find it online). I'm at work and YouTube is blocked, but it looks like this is a YouTube video of the Juxtapoz interview with Fairey regarding the "Hope" poster.
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