how to write a letter of recommendation
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How do I write a letter of recommendation for an account representative?

Our company is a representative for a larger company. The woman who is our account representative has been informed that she is going to no longer be employed with that company in about a month. My boss asked me to write a letter of recommendation for this woman...but I am kinda at a loss. Any suggestions? Thanks!
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Best answer: To Whom It May Concern:

Jane Blogs acted as XYZ Corp's Account Representative from April 2004 - January 2009. XYZ employees/managers/executives interacted with Jane on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and uniformly found her to be polite, responsive, pro-active and dedicated to helping us solve our foo resourcing requirements.

She has acted with the highest levels of professionalism and been a credit to her former employer, ABC Corp, thoughout our relationship. We will be sorry to see our time with her draw to a close, and recommend for customer service, sales and account management roles without reservation.


Joe Smith
XYZ Corp
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DarlingBri's is fine. A letter of recommendation need not be long to be meaningful, and should include some specific examples.
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Response by poster: Thanks! You guys ROCK!!!!!
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