What do you use to block ads when you browse the internet?
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What do you use to block ads when you browse the internet? Does it ever erroneously block sites? Does it cost much, does it have special features? I'm looking for something to scrub the web clean - any/all platforms - without blocking innocent third parties.

I say any platform since many of my friends are asking me for advice on this, and probably a few in here are interested if you have found the perfect blocker. Personally I'm a panther gal, but lets spread the joy.
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Mozilla and Adblock. For some reason, I haven't gotten hip to Firefox like everyone else I know. Both are free.

Added bonus of Mozilla is that so many of the extra annoying "features" like curtains and weird shoshkeles are done in Active X, which doesn't exist in Mozilla.
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"Flash Click to View" is the other killer Firefox (and probably Moz, too) extension for this purpose.

For a large amount of bang for buck (i.e., free, low effort) you could also use a hosts file to automatically dead-end requests to ad sites. But, then again, with Firefox, Adblock, Flash Click to View, I don't bother with this anymore.
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Adblock in Firefox works great. It's more finely grained than the standard "block images from this site" feature that's built in. You can block specific directories and such. So if you're careful enough, you won't get false negatives.
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What could I recommend people hooked on Norton Internet Security (but too lazy to tweak properly) to use instead? There has to be some alternative for these fine folks out there, even if they just plain won't change browsers? (personally I don't understand why they use it in the first place but maybe a NIS user here could enlighten me. Naturally I tell them to try Firefox and Moz all the time.)
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Host file.
Works on all platforms. Free. Easy once you know how.
One of many references.
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Whoops, I missed Zed_Lopez's post. Please disregard.
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I use Privoxy on linux, and swear by it. There are builds on the download page for pretty much every kind of computer I've ever heard of too.
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What if all the ads are in an "ads" subdir of the site? That's where a hosts file doesn't work so great.
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I rely on Opera (blocks all unrequested popups) and a hosts file. The combination eliminates about 90% of advertising.

Most ads are served up by one of the big adservers, so hosts files do well against them. Little private ads I don't care about so much.
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Windows: Proxomitron
Linux: Mozilla's pop-up blocker and a .hosts file so far. Probably a squid blocking list soon. Or I might see if WINE can run proxomitron...
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For Safari: PithHelmet. V2 is $10 shareware, but earlier, less ambitious versions are still free.
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I like avantbrowser.
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Admuncher is far and away the best. Tiny, lightweight, insanely feature-rich, minutely configurable while easy to use, but not free. Give the trial a try, and you'll never go back. I haven't seen more than one or two ads a month in a couple of years.
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Call me a lemming, but since upgrading to Service Pack 2, the built-in ad blocker for IE seems to work pretty well.
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I second gamecat. I installed privoxy at work on the gateway and transparently proxy (using transproxy -- which is a pain to find!) everything through it.

It presently doesn't seem to screw up EXCEPT for Windows 98 updates, so I have it disabled temporarialy for now. Probaby just some new MS server that needs whitelisting.

It does more than block pop-ups, it "freezes" animated gifs, blocks flash/jpg/whatever ads, and it dynamically rewrites your pages to remove things like google ads, etc. :-)
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Response by poster: I just want to say thanks all. This is a very bookmark worthy thread, good input. :) privoxy freezes animated gifs? I'm so installing that on my mums machine.
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It's by no means perfect, but I'm using a custom CSS file that sets to "display: none !important" a lot of ad hosts. The nice thing is that it's free, and works with all the browsers that I actually use.
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I'm a big fan of the Google toolbar on IE. The WinXP Service Pack2 popup blocker works well, except on MSN and MSNBC. There are some pages, like online galleries, where popups are good, so on IE, it's useful to remember how to enable popups temporarily. Not only does Firefox block popups, but tabbed browsing is way better, esp. on MeFi, where I like to open new tabs for links. Firefox, and other non-IE browsers, are also significantly more secure.
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Dude! That's your hosts file? That's the one I use on all my PCs. You rock.
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Adblock is better than using a hosts file, for the simple reason that Adblock removes the image/flash element entirely, compressing space and making the page more compact and appealing. Usually it's like there was never an ad there at all.
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"Adblock is better than using a hosts file"

This is not an either/or decision. Use both.
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A second cheer for skallas' host file!
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skallas's hosts file is the One True Hosts File.
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