Anyone Know of a Traveling Masseuse in NYC?
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I'm looking for an extremely reputable and professional massage therapist to visit an office in midtown Manhattan and give several (15 or so) 10 - 15 minute neck-and-shoulder massages to the individuals who work in the office. HELP!!

I am an out of towner, and am providing this service as a thank you gift for a high-end client of mine, thus the experience must be stellar on their end. My Google results have been quite vague, and I'd be thrilled for any help you could give. Thanks!
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kayzie, check your email.
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I've sent you a mefimail.
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For Thai Massage (reciever is clothed, lying on a mat, lots of stretching and Accupressure)
Call ThaiMassage-NYC 920-915-1624
Thai massage is quite an effective treatment for low back pain, neck and shoulder tightness and joint pain as well.
Therapists bring the mat with them and are quite capable of delivering beneficial sessions of whatever length you require.

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