Where to find realistic faux food?
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Where can I purchase the best fake cake (and fake food in general) for a fake feast fit for queens and kings?

I've long had an admittedly weird, whimsical notion to create a tableau of fake food on my dining table as a sort of centerpiece. Not a bowl of plastic fake fruit so much as a three-tier cake on a cake stand, maybe a couple of plates with a t-bone steak, potatoes, and veggies. A couple glasses of "wine" or a tray of faux chocolates or petit-fours might be fun.

I've had a hard time figuring out where online to purchase this sort of stuff. All the sites I've found via google feature very small, low-res pictures. I'm wary to spend $80 on a fake cake without knowing whether it will look like a glossy lump of play-dough or something that could really fool someone. I know the realistic fake stuff exists... I've seen these sorts of items before in the occasional diner display case (although nowhere I can remember the name of or else I'd just call them up and ask).

Any suggestions?
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Make your own!
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I think that ebay is the perfect venue for you. For example here's a beautiful fake cake for under $20...and you can mix and match from different vendors and ask for better pictures, etc.
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Best answer: On the low end, you can try Barnard. They have cakes that run from $20-60. As a props person in the past I've ordered from Barnard, whose selection of fake food is generally suitable for use on stage. It looks realistic from the front row, but if you need things that are so high quality that they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing, iWasaki Images is the go-to company. Very pricey, but extremely high quality:
Some cakes from iwasaki
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Response by poster: Thanks all! I did not even consider ebay and I may well consider something DIY for the cake. I had seen Barnard in my searches but was still having trouble ascertaining how realistic they might be. iWasaki sounds like the way to go for the meat & veg (though the prices are out of my range for such a weird whim)!
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Etsy is always my first stop for these type of endeavors. They have a plentiful array of various fake cakes (carrot cake! mini cakes! hostess cupcakes! fudge brownies!) already available for purchase, and here are some very convincing fake chocolates for your viewing pleasure.

One of Etsy's greatest features is it's intuitive "Conversations" tool that allows buyers to interact and correspond with the sellers directly. I've done so numerous times in my own Etsy orders, and have even special-ordered items items not listed from the sellers whose wares I have purchased Thus, if you see something that nearly fits the bill, but is missing some essential quality that you can't compromise on, many sellers (like seller FrostedFake) will be willing to create your desired piece on commission. Plus, you're supporting independent artisans! It's a win/win.

Keywords I used: fake cake, play food, display food, faux food.
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