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Do I have to show up in person at a casino sportsbook to redeem a winning futures bet?

Back in September, I placed a futures bet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. If my team wins the NCAA basketball tournament in April, will I have to fly back to Vegas to redeem my ticket in person? Or can I mail it in, or redeem it online, or something else? Googling for anything gambling related is next to useless. I got Duke at 10:1, by the way - Go Devils!
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You really should call them - but as far as I've experienced, you will have to cash out in person.
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Best answer: I have a loser event bet ticket here for Mandalay Bay (same parent company), and it has the pay-by-mail details on the back. You mail a SASE by registered mail to the address they give, within 120 days of the event date. It may differ for season-long bets though.

But like TLF says, the only right way to answer this is to call their front desk and ask to be put through to the sports book.
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Best answer: MGM will pay by mail. Call them for details.
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Response by poster: Yep. I should read more....on the back of the ticket it gives instructions for redeeming by mail with a SASE.
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