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Warranty filter: My HP laptop is covered under an extended warranty for a host of known problems with wireless cards, power issues, etc. Now my laptop is having problems with these issues and HP has authorized me to send it in for free repair. The original a/c adapter was broken and replaced with a generic one. Instructions for returning the laptop say to include the a/c adapter if having problems with the computer starting with battery only (I am). My question: Will returning it with a generic a/c adapter instead of the original one void my warranty and lead to HP not making this free repair? Would it better just to ignore the instructions and NOT include the adapter and hope they will fix it anyway?? Thanks for any light you can shed!!
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Is the broken adapter included under the warranty? If so I'd send it along, first thing they'll do is swap it out with a new one and see if that fixes the problem. How do you know the issue isn't actually with your aftermarket adapter?
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Best answer: The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act prevents a company from using non-OEM components as an excuse for avoiding warranty repairs, unless that component was the source of the problem.

Specifically, HP can't use the generic A/C adapter by itself as a reason to deny your OEM repair. That said, if the A/C adapter is the source of the problem, they have every right to deny you the warranty repair.

My route: send it minus the adapter. That avoids the whole issue. If they request the adapter, send it. If they deny the repair afterward, get a detailed reason why the generic adapter is a source of the problem. If they can't provide one, insist on the warranty repair.

The caveat is that they'll make it very difficult for you to use the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. Be prepared for a fight if they contest your right to warranty service.
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Best answer: Would it better just to ignore the instructions and NOT include the adapter and hope they will fix it anyway??

IMO, yes. 'Forgetting' to send the adapter will likely just fall into the realm of user oversight, and I'd imagine that, before they put the laptop repair on hold and wait for you to send in your adapter, they'll probably just plug in their own and see if they can re-create whatever issues you're having in spite of any potential variation between adapters.

The worst case scenario is they'll ask you for the adapter anyway, and you're back to where you started. To me, that's a more desirable downside to the potential issues you're going to run into sending them an OEM adapter.
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Send your broken adapter and hope for a replacement under warranty.
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I had an HP machine. I made the mistake of sending the adapter in and I never got it back. When I finally got a replacement after weeks of bitching I got the brick and plug for the computer but not the side for the wall. More bitching brought me nothing so I was resigned to buying a whole new adapter. The day I was going to order my friend remembered an old HP adapter she had. I took a look at the wall side and it fit my brick. I was happy. Just not with HP.

Don't send it in. "Forget it."
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Response by poster: As a follow-up, I sent the laptop in without including the battery. HP didn't ask any questions and repaired it without comment.
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