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What is the best way to collect and organize random articles found across the Internet to read and reference later? I've started blogging a lot, and like to find articles at one time and read and post about them later.
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I use to do this, with the Firefox plugin. Tag your articles appropriately, and they're very easy to find and further organize later.
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Evernote or Google Notebook.
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Delicious is cool, but even cooler is Instapaper and Evernote...
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I use Instapaper and Delicious together, adding things to the former when I find them but don't have time to read, and then to the latter once I know the content (and so can choose useful tags) and have decided they're worth keeping.
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1) Use Firefox; open a bunch of interesting and related articles each in its own tab.

2) Ctrl-Shift-D to create a bookmark folder of all open tabs.

3) later, go to the bookmark folder and choose "Open all in tabs"

I do this all the time when shopping for fonts. Very quick.
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This is what the Zotero extension does for Firefox.
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Use tags based on subject matter + a general tag to remind yourself you thought it might be worth blogging. I call my tag "linkable," or you could use "bloggable," etc.
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Read it later is perfect for this. When you find a page you want to save for later, you click a small tick in the address bar and it puts it into a handy list.
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Evernote and Read It Later are perfect for this. Google Notebook is cool, but Google just announced they're no longer supporting it. It's still a live project, but may not stay that way.
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I like to use It's a bookmarking service that lets you annotate your bookmarks or highlight parts of the web. I also backup all my bookmarks to my delicious account. Diigo also lets you run a job which will send all your bookmarks and annotations to your blog (if your blogging service is supported, I use Wordpress).

Diigo and bill itself as "Social bookmarking". Just ignore the social, though. Unless you're into that.
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Oops. That last sentence should begin: Diigo bills itself as...
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